A book review

Wow! Fantastic! Author Skye Sullivan recreates amazing spell for a fascinating book. This book is highly entertaining and a perfect combination of thrill, magic, humor and drama. A little bit of budding romance between Grant and Bobbi makes it even more adorable. I am hooked to this series. The hilarious banter between Grandma, Bobbi and Kitsune ( her fox familiar) is what I love the most about The Witches of Devil’s Orchard.

Roberta Brooks, aka, Bobbi has multiple roles to play in her life. She is the owner of the cafe ‘The Devil’s Lunchbox’, a witch, a Guardian of the rift at Devil’s Orchard, a small town in Northern California and Detective Grant’s girlfriend. Her grandma, Lydia Brooks, has raised her after her mother had mysteriously disappeared after giving birth to Bobbi.

Bobbi is busy campaigning for her boyfriend, Detective Grant, for the post of Sheriff in an election for which the present incumbent Sheriff Emery has also filed his nomination. She receives a call from Francie Vespertine, the chief archivist of her coven informing her that a powerful book ” Doors of Shadow” has gone missing. The book has a strong connection with her mother’s disappearance and she wants to find it before it falls into the wrong hands. Samira, her mother’s friend, helps her to visit the hidden town of paranormals, Hell’s Birth Canal. This was the l place where her mother was last seen.

Her arrival triggers a series of disasters, an explosion in the archives from where the book was stolen, followed by another blast at a restaurant where Binky, the waitress is injured. Her familiar Kitsune joins her in her investigation. Rend Redclaw, chief officer of the Law Enforcement Brigade, suspects her.

In order to clear her name, she launches into her own investigations and meets Fintan, a news reporter with Birth Canal Bugle, Wren, a pet store owner, Jibbleson sisters. Jula and Jeyne, Sebastian the vampire who asks her to meet Horace Dinklesmith, Binky’s ex- husband.

Horace suggests that Bobbi should visit Edvaldo Huckleford, a manager at the restaurant. When she decides to confront him, he dies in an explosion. Who is responsible for these explosions? Will Bobbi be able to save the town from further disaster and retrieve the book? I highly recommend this book for reading for all the paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

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