That was a fabulous and outstanding thriller. The book had me hooked right from the beginning until the end. I was so engrossed in reading this book that I almost skipped my lunch. Anna, the protagonist, is involved in a fast paced action thriller. Ably supported by her friends, Elizabeth and her boyfriend Brendan, Cynthia, Keira, her boyfriend Jake, and her beau, Dr. Murph.

The story begins with Elizabeth visiting her friend Anna, a social worker, with the court. She had gone through a great ordeal of getting herself kidnapped and almost killed by her husband. Her son, Timothy, was abducted by Hanna Mayberry, a child psychologist. Dr. Murph, a psychologist, visits Anna and Elizabeth takes the hint to leave the couple alone.

Anna finishes her work and notices a young girl of twelve roaming around the courtroom building. She tries to befriend her and hand her over to The Child Protective Services. Meanwhile, there is another story about an unwed mother Evaline getting kicked by her family and losing her job.

Dr. Murphy wants to win over Anna but she has a dark past and doesn’t want to get married. The girl whom she had found abandoned has been placed in a temporary foster home with Janice and Kevin. She responds well to Anna but doesn’t speak much because of some trauma. Anna gradually wins her trust but Judge Bursey wants her to adopt her. The girl is named Bonnie because her identity is yet to established.

There is another story involving Sally Ramirez Sykes, Carl and Archie Sykes. Sally’s daughter, Lilly, is missing since three months. Her school teacher notices her prolonged absence and confronts Carl, Lilly’s stepfather, and they file a police complaint about Lilly gone missing.

Anna decides to move in with Dr. Murphy and adopt Bonnie. She is busy packing her stuff when Anna’s past resurfaces as a stranger intrudes into her privacy. She is thoroughly alarmed. Who is he? What does he want?

Bonnie, Anna’s foster daughter, has a horrible past. Would she be able to speak normally? A series of scary incidents follow. There are plenty of twists and turns that will keep you glued to your seat. A fascinating thriller and highly recommended for reading.

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