Wishing you all a very Happy and a prosperous new year. This poem is dedicated to all my friends including fellow bloggers, poets, authors, readers, family members, social media influencers and everyone whom I might have missed to include.

Photo by Jonas Von Werne on Pexels.com

A hearty welcome to 2022,
And plenty of good wishes for my friends, old and new.
Let’s hope this year gives you good health.
And ample opportunities to gain wealth.
May your posts get more than 100 likes and still go strong.
And have an ever-increasing number of followers all along.
May 2022 be a productive year.
Let there be no trace of anxiety or fear.
May our endeavors meet with resounding success.
And to great luck, may we have access.
Let’s share our views and knowledge with each other.
Let’s recognize and appreciate the skills of one another.
Talent exists within all of us.
There is no valid reason to feel jealous. I thank my readers for taking their precious time to read my post. That’s the reason why I appreciate them the post.
Dear Friends, I thank you all from the depths of my heart.
We are united by our friendship though physical distance keeps us apart.
Happy New Year to you once again.

Thank you so much, my dear friends:

  1. Wandering Ambivert
  2. The Scribbling Dad
  3. Ben Alexander, The Skeptics Kaddish
  4. Reflections: Harshi
  5. Sebastian.
  6. Patricia Furstenberg
  7. Brooke Nelson
  8. Ranjhan, Fancy world of writing
  9. Man Kun, Not Sane Blogs
  10. Dirty Sci-fi Buddha
  11. Matt D, Writing with Cancer
  12. Prasanna Pala: The Essence of you
  13. lesjumelles13
  14. Reflectsapathy
  15. Daneelyunus
  16. Operationx Founder Operation for languages
  17. Cbholganza.

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