Jim Stevens is an amazing author with an excellent sense of humor. According to his website,
“Jim Stevens was born in the East, grew up in the West, schooled in the Northwest and spent twenty-three winters in the Midwest.”
Jim’s writing career has spanned over thirty years. Even though, as per his standards, he might have achieved only a moderate success and not at the level of his expectation, he has never given up writing.

I admire his dedication and his never-say-die attitude. Getting your work published and recognized is a sign of a successful writer. He tried writing for TV series in the 1970s and forayed into the corporate world with a career in broadcasting and advertising for twenty-five years. He had a brief stint in
writing, producing, and directing numerous short films, videos, and TV commercials, creating TV pilots, and penning movie scripts.

He achieved a phenomenal success with Richard Sherlock Whodunit series that catapulted him into the top 10% of Amazon authors.

Jim’s BOOKS:

I am crazy about Richard Sherlock Whodunit series. I fell in love with it as I started reading the sixth book in the series, The Case of the Missing Milk Money. I never had laughed so much in my life. My husband thought I had gone crazy. Then I started reading the series from the first book, The case of Not So Fair Trader.

I love the part where Richard is busy doing something and his assistant Tiffany interrupts him with her crooning, ‘ Oh, Mr. Sherlock.’ The result is absolutely hilarious. I have finished reading six books but kept two in reserve. Jim’s USP lies in combining suspense with pure humor. Richard botches up his investigation initially, enhancing the suspense and the drama. I highly recommend it for reading.

His Richard Sherlock series include the following books:
The Case of Not So Fair Trader.
The Case of Moomah’s Moolah
The Case of Tiffany’s Epiphany
The Case of Mr. Wonderful
The Case of Woebegone Widow
The Case of the Missing Milk Money
The Case of The Dearly Departed
The Case of The Comatose CEO

His other books include:


Whupped Too

Both are romantic comedies.

Hell No! We won’t go

A serious novel about Peace, Love, War, and Football

I salute this creative genius for his outstanding books that are highly enjoyable, hilarious and give you a complete respite from stress.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊

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