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You reach the height of frustration when –
You are planning a trip to your dream destination.
You are excited and fidgety due to your anticipation.
It’s the day of your departure, and your nerves are tingling with excitement and a pleasant sensation.
You arrive on time at the airport or a railway station.

Unfortunately, your flight or train is quite late.
You realize there is an internal debate.
A part of you wants to go home while the other compels you to wait.
No one should go through this pathetic state.
Just imagine that you are on a hot dinner date.
You are about to express your love to your soulmate.
An old friend drops in, and you curse your fate.

You are watching TV, and there is a power outage.
Or a technical fault causes a temporary blockage.
When your favorite show is going through an exciting stage,
An interruption in the telecast sparks off your rage.

You are searching for your smartphone to check your Facebook post.
You can’t seem to find things when you need them the most.
When uninvited guests turn up, you are playing a good host.
You enjoy your dinner, share drinks with them, and clink glasses for a toast.
You end up having nightmares of a ghost.

Frustration is the result of failed desire.
Never let it break you down, but continue to inspire.
Keep trying until you get success, don’t be afraid to sweat or perspire.
Always keep burning the flame of motivational fire.

Don’t let some failures break you apart.

You are young, you have a full life ahead, and you are smart.

You will surely find a way to sort your problems out.

And success will follow you, without any doubt.


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