A book review

This book is mind blowing. Awesome, scintillating, thrilling, too good and highly irresistible to put down even for a single moment. I appreciate Ms. Dominika Best for coming up with one of the most memorable crime thriller. I couldn’t find even a single dull moment. It’s a brilliant page Turner.

Harriet Harper is a detective working on Cold Case unit at LAPD. Her sister, Lauren, has been missing since 25 years and Harriet is trying hard to trace her, if not alive, then her remains. Lauren went on a hiking trail with her friends Stephanie Rogers and Tim Ledeyen to Tamolitch Trailhead of Willamette National Forest near Oregon and mysteriously disappeared. Harriet visits every year to continue her search. This time her sister’s best friend Jake Tepesky, a former profiler with FBI joins her in her mission. She has convinced a group of scientists from NecroFind to join her search in the woods so that she could at least retrieve her remains.

Unfortunately, her mission is interrupted by the discovery of a fresh dead body of a teenager by the cadaver sniffing bloodhound, Amy. To add to her woes, even Tim Ledeyen’s son, Dan is missing. Eugene Police Department takes over the investigation and Detective Robinson tells Jake that the victim had been identified as Atticus Menlo. Harriet wants to find out what happened to Dan and learns about his drug addiction, rehabilitation, and job interview at Starbucks.

She promises to find Dan alive but makes startling discoveries about his breaking into cars and stealing expensive items with his friend Alan Prentiss. He too goes missing like Dan and his dead body is discovered. Someone is keeping tabs on Harriet and breaks into her hotel room twice to warn her off the case. Another dead body of Chris Becker is discovered at his home. He used to be a drug peddler and dealing in pornography. Are all these deaths inter-related? Dan’s friend, Thomas James, has also vanished fearing for his life. Can Harriet save Dan before it’s too late? Will she be able to find her sister alive or dead?

There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the readers guessing. It’s an edge of the seat thriller. Highly recommended for all mystery lovers.

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