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Simple moments of our lives can give us immense pleasure.
We should etch them in our memories and guard them like a treasure.
Let’s think of having a hot cup of coffee on a cold and wintry day.
Caffeine kicks in our system to drive our sluggishness away.
After a spell of scorching heat, it’s fun getting drenched in the first rain.
The musky and sweet fragrance of the earth makes me a child again.
The natural perfume of the damp soil gives me sheer delight.
The beautiful birds fascinate me whenever I watch their graceful flight.
A hot cup of tea and a seat near the window on a rainy day.
A cozy mystery to give me company and keep my miseries at bay.

The first bite of ice-cream or the first sip of cool drinks to beat the sweltering summer heat. Cilling out in the Air-conditioner is an awesome treat.
My perception of beauty is pretty comprehensive.
It’s abundant and exists in all the creatures that live.
The toothless grin of a baby gives me immense joy,
I adore its cuteness and innocence, be it a girl or a boy.
Cats are so adorable when they close their eyes and purr.
I feel like picking them up and kissing their soft fur.
Our loyal friends greet us with their wagging tails and licks.
They are smart enough to impress us by learning human tricks.
Life is short and uncertain but full of surprises and delight.
Flush out all the negativities and bad qualities within us for a future bright.


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