I am a person always in love with every author whose book fascinates me and gets me hooked on to it until I finish reading it. Scene of the grind by Tonya Kappes is one such book that I found very interesting and enjoyed reading every single page.

Roxanne Bloom is the proud owner of The Bean Hive Cafe in Honey Springs, a lake town in Kentucky, and has leased her cafe from her Paternal Aunt Maxine. She is also a lawyer by profession and moved back to her hometown after a messy divorce with Kirk, her lawyer husband.

She is looking forward for the Annual Honey Festival. At present, her newly opened cafe has two regulars, Bunny Bowowski and Mae Belle Donovan, senior citizens but full of life. They are waiting for their friend, Alexis Roarke, the owner of the Crooked Cat Bookstore whose shop she frequently visited with her aunt when she was a child. Roxanne reintroduces herself to Alexis who is delighted to meet her but upset with her Aunt Maxine for raising the rent on her bookstore.

She crosses path with her old flame Patrick Crane whose construction company has acquired the boardwalk near her Cafe and also adopts a dog from Pet Palace, managed by her aunt’s friend, Louise. Amidst all these incidents, she is shocked to discover Alexis’ dead body in the banned book section of the Crooked cat bookstore. Detective Spencer Shepard considers Aunt Maxine as the prime suspect.

Roxanne wants to prove her aunt’s innocence and starts investigating the case. Someone tries to run her off the road as she is closer to the culprit. Who is the actual culprit?

She is also in a dilemma because two handsome bachelors, Patrick and Detective Spencer vie for her attention. Who will she choose as her soulmate? Would she be able to clear her aunt’s name?

I recommend this awesome cozy mystery for all the cozy mystery lovers.

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