Author Skye Sullivan weaves special magic with her pen or laptop instead of a magic wand. She has done wonders with her magical series, The Witches of Devil’s Orchard and Hardcovers, Homicide, and Hairballs, Library Cat Magical Mysteries ( Yet to be published but got to read the blurb on Amazon) .

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two small kids and a cat. She has studied Creative Writing from the University of California. She had won an award for her pecan pie and participated in a magic show in 1994.

Her books are definitely very enthralling and there is never a single moment that would compel you to quit reading.


I love and thoroughly enjoy reading Author Skye Sullivan’s Paranormal Cozy Mysteries. It has all the essential elements that makes an excellent paranormal cozy mystery, like plenty of magic, cuteness overloaded, thrill and suspense coupled with twists and turns to keep the readers well engrossed, funny dialogues and banter between Bobbi Brooks, Kitsune ( her fox familiar), her grandma, Lydia, whom she used to call mother and her friends and employees. Sometimes Lydia plays pranks and ruins Bobbi’s dishes. It makes the situation even more humorous.

I have already published a book review on the first four books of the series and about to read the fifth one.

Books in The Witches of Devil’s Orchard.

  1. All work and No Slay.
  2. Slaying with Fire
  3. Two can slay at this game.
  4. And The Band Slayed On
  5. When the Cat’s away, The mice will slay.
  6. Lovely weather for a Slay Ride Together

Her seventh book in the series, Slay it by ear, would be available by May 2022 as per Amazon.

This book is yet to be released but looks very promising. It would be available by March 2022.

If you love paranormal cozy mysteries, definitely go for these books. They are amazing.

Thank you so much for visiting my website and going through my blogs. 🙂🙂😊

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