Photo by Renato Danyi on Pexels.com

Let me begin with my mom’s near death experience. I was nine-years-old when my mom went to visit a friend who was hospitalized due to an asthmatic attack. She left me and my kid brother with my grandma and the cook at home. She boarded a suburban train at Dombivali near the outskirts of Mumbai. We used to live in Mumbai for some years before shifting back to Nagpur, the city famous for oranges in Maharashtra.

Her destination was approaching. So, she got ready to step down from the train. The train was still in motion when someone jostled her in a hurry to get down. She lost her balance and fell out of the moving train. By God’s grace, she landed on the railway platform. She had scrapes and bruises all over her face. A good Samaritan happened to help her by administering first aid and accompanying her to the doctor’s clinic for getting the tetanus shots.

I still remember her face covered in a bandage. I cried my heart out and never left her alone. I am sure I would have died if anything had happened to her. I realized that the greatest wealth for the humans are their parents, spouses, and children.

I was in 12th grade when I thought I was a goner. I had chosen commerce group for my HSC ( Higher Secodary School Certificate). Since I was weak in Maths, I had joined a coaching class and I used to ride a bicycle from my residence to the coaching class.

One fine morning, it was getting late. So, I gulped down my breakfast and started towards the coaching class. Unfortunately, I decided to take a short cut and rode through a narrow lane. Normally, the lane never had much traffic, but I panicked after seeing a truck and a van coming from a wrong direction and barrelling towards me at breakneck speed. I swerved from my bike to avoid collision and landed on the pavement with my bicycle. I was horrified to find the handbrakes damaged. Had I not changed my direction at the right moment, I would have been run over by a rogue truck. I thanked God for saving me.

Three years later, I had a freak mishap with my bicycle and ended up fracturing my right ankle. I underwent a surgery and resumed physiotherapy after a couple of months. I was feeling tired after a strenuous session of physiotherapy. My brother offered to prepare tea and switched on the gas cylinder. He screamed in horror after noticing a gas leak and a portion of the safety tube of the gas regulator on fire. He immediately cut off the gas supply and doused the tiny flame with water.

It still gives me goosebumps when I think about the narrow escape from a certain death. Had he hesitated even for a moment, both of us would have died in a gas explosion.

I had also developed a low blood pressure due to lack of sleep after I had my baby girl. I was blacked out and could feel my heartbeats slowing down. Fortunately, our family doctor arrived immediately and gave me an injection.

Its because of these harrowing experiences, I understood the true value of life.

Thank you so much dear friends, for taking your precious time to go through my blogs. You are always welcome to share your experiences, feedback and suggestions.

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