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Snuggling with our loved ones under a warm duvet.
Our heads propped against soft pillows and bodies stretched out on the cozy bed.

Sweet songs of the nightingale lulling us into a deep sleep.
Nocturnal creatures lurk around, taking a casual peep.

The night sparkles with the precious jewels of twinkling stars and the moon.
The wife of a soldier, stationed at the country’s border, yearns to be with her husband soon.

Nights can be romantic or eerie depending upon their description in the literature.
Romantic nights find their place in poems and romantic novels.
Eerie nights are of horror and thriller nature.

The darkness of the night has an element of thrill.
Most of the predators are out at night for their kill.

The night enables you to take complete rest.
A candlelight dinner with melodious music is the reason why I find nighttime is simply the best.

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