I am back again. I finished my work way before Christmas. Anyway, this is one of the best thrillers. It’s absolutely awesome, exciting and keeps the readers glued to their seats.

Sara Mason buys an old Victorian mansion previously owned by Orson and Esmeralda Talbot in Sacramento River Delta. Residents of the town have heard a rumor about Orson Talbot haunting her mansion. She is unnerved by such rumors as she doesn’t believe in ghosts. She has carved a niche in the computer gaming industry and has acquired immense wealth, a part of which she spends on helping her friends and others in need of financial assistance, anonymously.

She gets scared after hearing someone prowling on her property and confides in her best friend, Daphine about her strange visions of an old man in her dreams trying to convey something. Daphine makes the sketch of the man surprising Sara because it’s the splitting image of the man in her dreams. Sarah and Daphine visit his wife Esmeralda at River Hospice, a place where terminally ill patients are taken care of.

Esmeralda tells them about Orson’s mysterious disappearance from Placerville in 1995.
Recent discoveries of human skeletons missing for nearly decades ago rattle up Sara when she reads the local newspaper.

She has her own traumatic past involving the accidental deaths of her parents and sister, Starla. She visits their graves. She comes across a creepy character Crazy Ike who digs up graves.
Meanwhile, Esmeralda visits Sara and is shocked to discover the sketch of her husband in Sara’s house. The latter tells her about her dreams involving Orson. Esme is visibly shaken. This could be no coincidence. Perhaps, Orson wants to convey an important message.

Sara attends her school reunion with Daphine and meets Pierce who had revived miraculously after being struck by lightning and declared dead for an hour. She spends some time with Pierce and takes him to her mansion. A nasty surprise awaits her as she finds herself drugged and Pierce lying unconscious in her kitchen.

Detectives Johanna and Isidoro take them to the hospital. Medical reports reveal that they had been sedated with Rohypnol. Fortunately, Pierce recovers again after escaping from a certain death. Sara’s mansion is under renovation and she stays with her cousin Burt and Linette Aldens who dote upon her.

The serial killer is back again with a message for Sara. He leaves behind a dead cat and subsequently during the renovation, another skeleton is discovered from her mansion. Whose skeleton is this? Where is Orson Talbot? Most of the skeletons have their belongings with them at the time of their deaths. In some cases, even animal skeletons are placed besides the human ones. What does the killer want to convey from these gruesome murders?

Sara falls in love with Huxley after Esmeralda introduces him to her. Can she trust him?
Will she be able to stop the killer and save herself from a certain death? Do grab this highly thrilling book with plenty of twists. Highly recommended for all the mystery lovers.

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