I know I said that I wouldn’t be blogging for another two weeks. But I couldn’t resist sharing this one. Friends, Please join me and enjoy some special mouth watering Indian delicacies.

Special Amritsari Kulcha

This is a yummy flatbread called Kulcha. It’s stuffed with potato and the dish is known as Special Amritsari Kulcha, a delicious treat from Amritsar, Punjab. You can enjoy it with mango pickles, tomato ketchup or curd.

Baby Corn 65

Baby Corn 65 is an Indo-Chinese fusion. It’s a scrumptious starter available in many restaurants across the country.

Delicious Paneer Butter Masala.

Punjabis created this awesome tasty dish in Moti Mahal Restaurant at Delhi in 1950 according to Wikipedia and Other Articles.com. Paneer is an Indian Cottage Cheese made from Strained curdled milk. This dish is too tasty for words and its gravy is a unique combination of butter with spices, cashews, and coriander leaves for garnishing. Best served with flatbread like rotis, Naan and parathas.

Delightful Paneer Pakodas

These are the ideal tea time snacks from North India. They are the Indian version of fried fritters and made of Indian cottage cheese. They are best served hot with tomato or chilli sauce.

Amazing Rasam.

Rasam is a special South Indian dish that is similar to a tomato soup. It originated in Madurai, a prominent historical city in Tamil Nadu. It’s the combination of tamarind pulp, tomato, cumin seeds, lentils ( sometimes) red or green chillies, black pepper and garnished with curry leaves and coriander leaves. It’s easy to digest and good for health. It’s usually mixed with steaming rice and taken with vegetables ( boiled, baked or fried).

That’s it for now, folks. I hope to see you again after Christmas. Merry Christmas to all in advance.

Except for Paneer Pakodas ( Hebbar’s Kitchen) all other pictures are courtesy Glance.com

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