Author Amber Crewes is the author of two great cozy mystery series, Sandy Bay Cozy mysteries featuring Meghan Truman, a Baker cum sleuth and The Fern Grove series featuring Tracy, a florist cum sleuth. She uses Abbey Reede as her pen name for the series.

I find both the series very delightful. All the characters have been beautifully sketched.

Meghan Truman in the Sandy Bay series has a great friend in Karen, a 70-year-old, lady who supports her and also helps in her investigation. She gets introduced to Officer Jack Irvin in one of the murder case investigation and they fall in love with each other. What I loved about Meghan is her independent woman spirit and never-say-die attitude. She doesn’t rely on her wealthy family and establishes herself as an excellent entrepreneur.

Amber’s greatest quality is that she is very sweet, and keeps in touch with her readers. I love interacting with her just as I do with Author Kelly Utt.

She has published her books in alphabetical order in the Sandy Bay Cozy Mysteries, starting with Apple Pie and Trouble to her latest book, Yummy Pies and Someone Dies.

The Fern Grove mystery series has Tracy, a florist, playing a sleuth as well and Detective Warren Copeland is her love interest. Her trainee apprentice Tiffany and Aunt Rose lend her excellent support during all her investigations.

If you are looking for a wonderful well-penned cozy mysteries that you can enjoy with a hot cup of tea/coffee/ cocoa, do grab Amber Crewes/ Abbey Reede’s books.

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Have a great day. I will be back with some more authors.

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