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My 11-year-old daughter, Harshitaa, surprised me the other day. She was watching regional news channel instead of regular cartoon shows. I thought perhaps she was interested in current affairs. Out of curiosity, I asked her, ” Why are you watching news channel today instead of cartoons?”

Pat came the reply, prickling the bubble of my enthusiastic mind,” I want to know whether the state government has declared holiday for schools today after the incessant rains. I am also checking out the weather forecast to ensure school remains closed until the monsoon is over

My residential area has been reeling under water for more than a week. The water has become stagnant and breeding grounds for countless mosquitoes. As if it wasn’t enough, another variant of virus, Omicron has created quite a stir. I blame Corona Virus for shutting down educational institutions for more than a year and half. Now, school going children are lacking enthusiasm to go back to their classes and looking for an excuse to sit at home and take online classes.

This reminds me of my own childhood when I thought of cooking excuses to avoid going to school. I chuckled to myself as I thought of history repeating itself. My mom used to keep reminding me of what I did as a child.

When I was five, a family friend came to visit us with a receipt book. She was collecting funds for charity. My mom gave her some money and a got a receipt from her. I couldn’t resist myself from asking her, ” Why are you paying her so much money for a piece of paper? Just give it back and ask her for your money.” The family friend, let me call her auntie, overheard this exchange and had a hearty laughter. She appreciated me for my innocent yet funny dialogue.

One day, I accompanied my parents and paternal grandma to take her to the hospital for a routine checkup. She fainted on our way back home. By God’s grace, there was a restaurant nearby. My parents revived her and we went to have food. I had a mouthwatering delicacy, dahi wada, a delicious South Indian dish and my favorite too.

The next day, I entered my grandma’s room at exactly the same time that she had fainted the previous day. I inquired about her health and continued to probe her,” Aren’t you going to faint today?” My grandma asked,” Why are you asking this question?” I immediately replied, ” You fainted yesterday and I got to eat Dahi wada. I am craving for it today as well.” She burst out laughing at my silly question.

Ah! Find memories of childhood.

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