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It is not easy being a child,
Playing pranks and going wild.
Grown ups tend to dictate their terms,
Don’t play in the mud and get infected by germs.

Come here and don’t go there,
Ghosts are lurking everywhere.
We too, grew up listening to cock and bull stories,
And chanted hymns, singing God’s glories.

Children today are very bright,
They are a real source of delight.
Though, they are innocent, they are not so naïve.
They are very inquisitive and brave.

They are not scared of empty threat,
Their line of questioning makes us sweat.
Plenty of ifs and buts and whys,
To chide them for asking questions is not so nice.

COVID-19 has robbed them of their childhood. They are growing up in a tense mood. They have lost their way to their schools. They miss their classrooms, playgrounds and swimming pools.

Online classes have made them addicted to the electronic gadgets. The situation is quite worrisome as they are our true assets.

Even though, the corona virus might seem to be under control. We, as parents, have to take up a protective role. In keeping our children safe and healthy. Those blessed with children are truly wealthy.

Children are like precious gems,
We are the roots and they are the stems,
Of this very tree of Life,
Their smile makes us forget everyday strife.

3 thoughts on “LIFE OF A CHILD

  1. Actually this COVID messed up everything. We don’t even get to play and we just stay home like doing nothing. Hope good days return to our way.

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