A book review

I found this book’ Posies and Poison’ quite interesting and very delightful. Inspite of the murder, I admire this book because of the unity among the residents of Sweetfern Harbor. They are supportive of each other when some of them are considered prime suspects in the murder of their common adversary, Lady Pendleton.

Brenda Sheffield decides to move into the Bed and Breakfast mansion bequeathed to her by her late uncle, Randolph Sheffield, in the New England town of Sweetfern Harbor. Her pleasant housekeeper, Phyllis Lindsey, introduces herself and the staff including Carrie Martin. Brenda instantly bonds well with the two ladies. She learns about her uncle’s magnanimity and benevolence by helping the residents who are the victims of Lady Pendleton’s tyranny. She is a despot who owns most of the business establishments in town and keeps on increasing rent or forcefully evicting her tenants.

Carrie introduces Logan Tucker, a barista working for Morning Sun Cafe, owned by Molly Lindsey, Phyllis’ daughter. The trio visit the cafe and are welcomed by Molly. The introductions are over and they move on to visit Holly Williams, a baker and Jenny Rivers, a florist managing Blossoms. Holly, Molly and Jenny are best friends. Brenda learns about their misery caused by Lady Pendleton who is greedy and cruel.
Jenny pours out her woes to Brenda about the unfair lawsuit filed against her by Lady Pendleton. She is despised by most of the residents.

In an unexpected turn of events, Lady Pendleton almost crashes into Brenda’s Bed and Breakfast. The latter is horrified to find her dead and calls the police. One of the detectives happens to be Mac Rivers, Jenny’s father.

Brenda offers to help him in his investigation because of her experience as an assistant to a private detective. The top suspects include, Jenny Rivers, Molly Lindsey, William Pendleton ( who is immediately cleared of any wrongdoing), Logan Tucker and Carrie Martin. Jenny is proved to be innocent due to lack of evidence. Mac focuses his attention on Molly who had ample opportunity and a strong motive to poison the deceased. Brenda is certain that Mac is wrong. Meanwhile Brenda’s housekeeper, Phyllis, also has a secret.

What is it? Someone has broken into Brenda’s office and stolen her notes after her date with Mac. Who is it? How will she find out the culprit when everyone is supporting the murderer?
Do read this book because it’s climax has amazing twists. Highly recommended for reading.

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