This disgusting sport refers to raising animals in captivity for the sole purpose of trophy hunting. The animals have no way to escape death because they are kept in an enclosure. Those who enjoy killing animals for trophy hunting are sick. I wish they learned to be human.

According to WWF, there are only 20,000 lions roaming in the jungles of Africa. Lions are almost extinct in 12 sub-Saharan countries in recent decades. Nearly 100 years ago, there were 200,000 lions in the wild. The situation is pathetic, isn’t it?.

Photo by Iurii Ivashchenko on

When I read about it in Facebook, I was almost into tears for the poor majestic creatures. Canned hunting of lions hurt me so much that I wrote a poem based on it. It’s from the point of view of a dying lion but the poem is applicable to all other wild animals who are being mercilessly slaughtered for their fur, skin, hide etc.

Death is what I get for my misplaced trust,

Very soon my body shall turn to dust.

You will mint money after selling my skin.

I have not died, but your soul has within.

I hunted animals to eat and live.

But your betrayal, I cannot forgive.

You have pawned your conscience to the devil.

One gets punished for being evil.

The day will come, when you will repent.

And remember those glorious days we spent.

Hatred breeds violence and bloodshed.

Learn to live and let others live instead.

My death shall never go in vain.

Your misdeeds will haunt you time and again.

Though I am lying on my death bed.

I am grateful to you for having me well fed.

I never hurt you or lose my calm.

Why did you kill me when I did no harm?

You have stabbed me in my back.

By launching this unwanted attack.

I pity you because you are a fallen man.

In the eyes of God and the rest of your clan.

I do admit there are good samaritans who fight for our sake.

But you did a grave mistake.

I never regarded you as my enemy.

But for unconditional true love, you are unworthy.

The man who raised a lion cub in captivity has finally allowed it to be killed after it grew up, for the sake of money. These are the words of a dying lion. This poem is purely fictional.

Let’s all work together to respect Mother Nature and protect her other children. Flora and Fauna have as much right to live in this world as we do.

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