What an interesting day I had!
I lost my precious iPad.
I spilled some ketchup on my dress.
My wardrobe was a complete mess.
Then toothache got the better of me.
I shed tears thinking of the dentist’s fee.
I went to my office with a swollen cheek.
I used hand gestures and wrote the messages as I was unable to speak.
My boss called me to admonish my sloppy work.
I hung my head in shame as I watched my colleague smirk.
I was drenched in the rain after office hours.
I cursed the dark clouds for the unexpected showers.
I felt like throttling the bloke who predicted sunny weather.
Or hit him with my footwear made of leather.
Suddenly, I heard a bloodcurdling scream.
My mother woke me up from a terrible dream.
It was already half-past seven. I woke up late.
Sighing, I got ready to meet my fate.

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