A book review

I had stomachache from nonstop laughter. Wow. Simple incidents in our daily life can trigger laughter. Laughter is the best medicine. This book is full of humor. Every single page contains funny situation that we might encounter at some point of time. Right from mispronouncing an item in the menu card of a restaurant to autocorrect errors while sending messages had me in splits.

My husband thought that I had gone insane. This book is certainly worth it. I miss my father who passed away in 1998. He used to make us laugh with his funny translation of words from English to other Indian languages and framing sentences that were absolutely hilarious.

I remember a couple of sentences like:

  1. We say he is dying slowly but don’t say she is borning fastly.
  2. We call someone who is genius in mathematics as a mathematics wizard but never a mathematics or a science witch.
  3. We never use the plural form of Brainchild as Brainchildren.

Whenever I heard someone complain about his or son or daughter getting brainwashed, I resisted an urge to ask the question ” What was used for the purpose? A detergent or a Bodywash?”

Sometimes I question the sanity of my mind. While we sing ‘happy birthday to you’ for celebrating the birthday or birth anniversary of our friends and relatives, nobody in his right mind would sing ‘ Sad death day to you’ on the occasion of a death anniversary.

The author has presented various humorous incidents from her life. I found even the authors note very funny. I wish I could give it a ten-star rating.

This book is a wholesome entertainer. Hats off to the author for her brilliant sense of humor and her narration. I wish I had read this book earlier.

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