My book.

This is my first e-book that I published last year. It’s a collection of stories of all genres except romance. I never attempted writing a romantic novel because it’s not my cup of tea. 😃😃

The book features humorous, horror,supernatural thriller, and family drama stories. I have published these stories through where you can read most of my stories and poems online.

This is a sample story from my book.

Curse of the werewolf

The clock struck twelve at midnight. Sandeep Verma was still browsing through files in his laptop. He eyed his snoring wife with a tinge of jealousy. ” How I wish I could sleep like her!” he thought while going through a file of murder cases. He finished his work within an hour and went to sleep.

Sandeep was a CID officer living in Tiger Hills, Darjeeling. He was 32 and recently married an American National Susie Bertrand during his trip to The US. He went there to attend his brother’s wedding. His brother Kapil introduced him to Susie who was his colleague. They went on dates, and finally got married after getting their parents’ consent.

Susie loved India. She agreed to move with him to his ancestral house in Darjeeling. They came back to India after their honeymoon in Paris. Susie learned to cook Indian food, and won over the hearts of her husband’s family. Susie was a twenty-eight-year-old blonde with sapphire blue eyes. Her dazzling smile and dimples made her irresistible to all.

It was two months since they came to India. Susie got along very well with everyone in the neighbourhood. They would greet her with a smile and often turned up to visit her. They were curious to know about this foreigner. She began to teach English to their children.

All good things must come to an end.

Sandeep noticed a change in her behaviour after a few months. She preferred being alone and stopped taking classes. She didn’t feel like going out. She also started getting irritated over trivial matters. Sometimes he found her waiting for him in a skimpy outfit or even nude. He scolded her, ” What’s come over you? You are not supposed to be without clothes except for the bedroom.”

She exclaimed, ” I am sorry, honey. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I love being alone. I have stopped talking to everyone including my friends and parents. I hate wearing clothes, and I feel like visiting the woods.”

Sandeep said, ” I think it’s time for us to visit a counsellor. Let us find out the reason for your weird behaviour. I will fix an appointment for you.”

They visited Dr. Abhijeet Bannerjee, a psychiatrist on the following day. He made Sandeep wait outside, and had a lengthy conversation with Susie. He asked Susie to call Sandeep. He remarked, “Susie seems to be having a mild bout of depression. I have prescribed some medicines including an antidepressant. Let’s meet after a month.”

Susie responded quite well to the treatment for the first fifteen days. All the hell broke loose on a full moon night. Sandeep had successfully solved a murder case. He came home earlier than usual. He rang the doorbell which was opened by his maid. He was surprised because Susie never failed to greet him. He went to his bedroom and found her lying in a pink nightgown. He covered her with the bedspread. He left the room cursing himself, ” Why did I end up falling in love with this troublesome woman?”
It was a full moon night. Sandeep finished his work and went to sleep. He woke up at around 2.00 AM as his throat was parched. He was dismayed to find his wife missing.

He thought perhaps she might be in the bathroom. He had a glass of water and went back to sleep.

He woke up at 6.30 AM and saw that Susie was still sleeping. He was taken aback to see blood stains on her nightgown. Her mouth too was covered in blood. He shook her vigorously to wake her up. ” For God’s sake, please get up, ” he said with a note of panic, ” Where did you go last night? How did you get yourself smeared with blood?”

Susie was scared and confused. She looked at her clothes and screamed aloud before passing out. Sandeep sprinkled water on her. She slowly opened her eyes and pleaded her innocence. She said, ” Please, believe me, Sandeep. I don’t remember anything at all. I hope I didn’t murder anybody.” Sandeep wanted to believe her. His heart melted on seeing her in distress. He also had a weird feeling that she had murdered someone without her knowledge. He heard someone pounding on his door frantically. He went to open the door. It was his neighbour, Vineet Chatterjee. He panted for breath while Sandeep offered him water. He regained his composure within ten minutes. He said, ” Sandeep Babu, there is a mutilated corpse of a young man in your backyard. I happened to see it while I was watering my plants.”

Sandeep followed him dreading the sight of the body lying ahead. Sandeep almost vomited on seeing the body. The dead man must have been in his thirties. Chunks of flesh were missing from his thighs exposing the bones. Vineet turned his face away in disgust. Sandeep saw the drag marks stretching from the back gate to the yard. His house was situated just on the edge of the dense forest. He assumed that some animal might have killed him. He called the police who arrived within half an hour. They sent the body for an autopsy. Sandeep told them about his wife’s mysterious behaviour. Though he loved Susie, he was a law-abiding officer. He felt that he should not shield her merely because she was his wife. The police grilled her for more than an hour. She came up with just one answer ” I don’t know” for every question. Sandeep asked her to change her clothes and handover this bloodstained nightgown to the police.

Susie knew she was in trouble, but she managed to keep a straight face. She neither admitted her crime nor pleaded her innocence. Sandeep sought permission from the Assistant Commissioner of Police to place his wife under house arrest. He produced the necessary documents to prove his wife’s mental instability.

Sandeep applied for ten days’ leave for taking care of his wife. He took her to Dr.Bannerjee for consultation. Dr. Bannerjee’s face drained out of colour on hearing Susie’s problem. He called Sandeep aside and said, ” Your wife has a different kind of problem. I can’t handle her case. My friend Kaushik Bose is an expert in occult studies. You should consult him for her treatment.” Sandeep scoffed at the idea.

He said, ” I don’t believe in that nonsense. How can a learned person like you even suggest such a thing? What makes you think that her abnormal behaviour is due to black magic or exorcism?”

Dr. Bannerjee entered her diagnosis in Google. He asked Sandeep to look into his laptop and go through the result. Sandeep’s eyes widened in horror as Susan exhibited all the symptoms for a werewolf.

Dr. Bannerjee said, ” You are finding it difficult to accept that your wife is a werewolf. Observe her behavior until the next full moon. Follow her without her knowledge to see what she does in a subconscious state. Keep some meat in hand and throw it in her direction if she tries to attack anyone.”

Sandeep decided to follow his advice. He wanted to see her true identity. Dr.Bannerjee also gave him a tranquilizer dart gun. He said, ” Use this only if she transforms into an animal and becomes aggressive. Do some research on her medical history. Ask her parents if she experienced these kinds of problems when she lived with them. Kaushik will need these details before he could offer any suggestion.”

Sandeep thanked him and took the tranquilliser from him. Dr. Bannerjee always stocked them in large quantities for his friend who was a forest officer. Susie was curious to know what was wrong with her. Sandeep evaded her question and avoided direct eye contact with her. He gave a curt reply, ” We have to meet another specialist within a month. He has asked you to continue the medication until the next consultation.”

Susie did not probe him further. She knew he did not want to disturb her with the bad news. He closely monitored her movement for fifteen days. She did not show any sign of mischief. Her mood swing began just a couple of days before the next full moon night. Susie woke up all of a sudden on a full moon night. She got down from the bed and crept stealthily out of the room. Sandeep followed her surreptitiously carrying some meat and a tranquilliser. She was slowly transforming into an animal. She opened the door and stepped into the backyard. She grew whiskers in her pretty face and twitched her nose. She let out a howl and now became a full grown wolf.

Sandeep stopped himself from screaming.

She leaped over the gate and was about to attack an old tramp sleeping in the pavement. Fortunately, he threw the piece of meat in front of her to save the old man.

He aimed at her while she was still eating and hit her with the tranquilizer dart. The drug had its immediate effect. The wolf became unconscious for the rest of the night. Susie resumed her original form at the break of dawn. Sandeep couldn’t sleep out of fear. He couldn’t believe that his beautiful and innocent wife was a monster. He let her sleep for a while and called her after preparing the breakfast. He went to his office and tried to concentrate on his work. He called her parents who were shocked to learn that Susie was a werewolf.

Susie’s mother Martha said, ” Now that you mentioned about her being a werewolf, I just remembered something. She went on a hunting expedition with her friends Sarah, Carla, Katie, and Rhonda. She had bagged a female wolf as her trophy and wanted to make a coat out of its fur. She got it made from a trendy fashion designer. She flaunted it whenever she went to a party. I think her malady must have something to do with her killing a wolf. Why don’t you ask Rhonda?” She gave him Rhonda’s phone number and email ID. Sandeep thanked her and dialled Rhonda’s mobile number.

Rhonda picked up his call and listened to his tale of woes about Susie very patiently. She said, ” I am sorry to hear about Susie. We went on a hunting expedition. We saw a mother wolf playing with her cubs. Sarah, Carla and I requested Susie not to kill her. We urged her to move on and hunt some other animal. She did not listen to us. She killed it and took a selfie with its carcass. She posted it on Facebook. She drew many nasty comments. An old woman named Lydia Shellworth cursed her that she would become a werewolf on a full moon night. I think that lady who cursed might have some supernatural powers. I don’t know the remedy for her problem.”

Sandeep expressed his gratitude and disconnected the call.

You can read rest of the story in It’s a great website for budding authors to showcase their writing skills.

Thank you for taking time to read this blog. My pen name used in the website is Aparna Subramanian while that mentioned on the book is Aparna Iyer but it’s me. Just to clear the confusion. This book is available on to read and enjoy the stories.

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