A book review

I loved all the books in the Hailey Webb series by Deany Ray. All the stories are awesome and full of fun, intrigue, unexpected twists and turns and highly enjoyable.

As a cozy mystery lover, I find this series quite delightful. Hailey’s character is very impressive. Not many women can move on with their lives after calling off their wedding. She has Kat as her best friend who proves to be a highly reliable sidekick. She shares a warm relationship with her colleagues, especially, Mike Hadfield, the crime reporter. She has the knack of finding herself in trouble. Her boss, Jerry Gambill, supports her and occasionally warns her to be careful. His character is so cool. Let me delve into the book review.

Book 1

Hot Off the press.

Hailey Webb, a 28-year-old single woman, is searching for a job after quitting her previous job at Griffingate Publishing House. Her ex-fiance was her boss. She caught him cheating with a waitress and as a result called off her wedding. One of her friends at Griffingate Publishing House, informs her about the opportunity at The Palm Shores Gazette, in Palm Shores, California. She bags her first job in spite of the low pay. She also befriends Mike Hadfield, a crime reporter.

She takes her friend, Kat, to dinner for celebration. However, her boss, Jerry Gambill, calls her to interview Derek O’Connell, a treasure hunter, working for Pearlrover West who claims to have recovered treasure from the shipwreck. Kat accompanies her to Derek’s Boat where they stumble upon Derek’s dead body. She joins hands with Mike Hadfield to investigate the case. She is shocked to find her ex-fiance, Connor Whitacre, as one of the investors of Pearlrover West. Her mother, Sheryl Selway, helps her to get invited for an auction by Pearlrover West with Mike as her plus one. She accidentally discovers the dead body of Forrest Craven, another diver for the said company. Are the two murders interlinked? There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing about the real murderer and the motive for the murders. Read Hailey’s adventures with Mike and Kat.

Book 2

Act it out.

Mike Hadfield calls Hailey to bring over his truck to a yet-to-be crime scene, an airfield, after she borrows his truck for shopping. When she reaches the spot, she is shocked to learn that Amery Fitzgerald, a successful movie star, has stolen a plane after escaping from the police station. He is coming back because of an empty fuel tank. He has been accused of murdering his co-star, Victoria Fleming. His fingerprints have been recovered from the murder weapon.

Fitzgerald scares the public with his near crash landing and successfully evades the police yet again. When Hailey takes the truck to her apartment, Fitzgerald catches her by surprise with a crowbar in his hand. Fearing for her life, she follows his instructions and withdraws money from the ATM and gives it to him. He leaves her stranded after warning her of dire consequences if she informed the police. She calls Mike and also reports the missing truck with her purchases and cash by Fitzgerald.

She decides to investigate after the actor announces $100, 000 as a reward for proving his innocence. She seeks the help of Kat who gets them part time job of delivering food from the restaurant Cocoa, to the film shooting crew members. She witnesses a fight between Vicente Torres and David Rafferty. Vicente holds David responsible for Victoria’s death. Whew! There are so many startling revelations that I will stop my narration here. Is Fitzgerald guilty or innocent? Why was Victoria killed? There are plenty of suspects but who is the real murderer?

Book 3

Off Target.

Wow! Outstanding, brilliant! This book kept me completely enthralled. Hailey and her friend Kat are enjoying their girls time at a pub where a Bachelorette party is being held. The bride-to-be Laura is Hailey’s lookalike. Hailey and Kat make new friends including Laura and her friends.

Hailey is shocked after a masked guy tries to strangle her in the ladies room. She somehow survives the attack by hitting her assailant with a soap dispenser. She realizes that the attacker must have intended to kill Laura, but tried to kill her in the case of a mistaken identity.

Hailey and Mike want to make sure that Laura is safe and visit her to warn her of the potential danger. They see a stranger in the neighbor’s garden who hurls a Molotov cocktail at Laura’s kitchen. They barely manage to escape. Their investigations lead them to a junkyard where the assailant had abandoned his car. Hailey discovers the dead body of the hitman. Her life is again in danger when someone lures her with a clue about the attacks on her and the dead hitman. An SUV tries to run her down. Who wants her dead and why? Is she the intended victim or Laura? Will she survive these attacks?

Super awesome is how I would describe this book. Too many surprises. I highly recommend this book for all the cozy mystery lovers.

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