A book review

Hi Friends,

You must be wondering why I am posting more book reviews on Richard Sherlock Whodunit series by Jim Stevens. I must say that I have got addicted to it. The author has penned a brilliant series that is a perfect blend of plenty of humor with suspense and unexpected climax. This series is a wholesome entertainer.

Richard Sherlock is taking a special course in real estate business. His assistant, Tiffany, interrupts while he is attending a meeting in an auditorium. She drags him away to investigate the six million dollars insurance claim by Sterling Sheckle, a billionaire, owning several businesses and a supposed philanthropist who supports too many charities, some of which are legitimate and some phony.

Sherlock begins his investigation with Sheckle himself who insists on either recovering his missing money or settle the insurance claim, which is not acceptable to his employer at Richmond Insurance Company. He meets the Head of Security ( Cyber) Leslie Ambrose who suspects hacking by the Chinese despite firewall protection. He meets C. Franklin Witherington, CFO, for Sheckle’s company but doesn’t get any information out of him either. He gets the contact details of Chester, the accountant who provides him a list of charities to which Sterling contributes a substantial amount out of his personal account.

The ledgers have several discrepancies that do not tally. He seeks the help of his Hacker friend Herman who confirms shady transactions going on but can’t attribute the anomalies to a particular individual. Meanwhile, Sherlock has his own problems. His elder daughter, Kelly, 14 announces about her puberty and having gained a boyfriend, Cameron. He tries to advise his daughter who rebuffs him.

The missing six million dollars becomes more complicated after the head of security, Leslie Ambrose, vanishes. Another sixty thousand dollars goes missing. Sherlock visits all the charities mentioned in the list given by Chester. Some of the cheques given to these institutions get bounced. Sherlock is completely baffled. Moreover, his friend from FBI, Agent Romo also has his eyes on Sterling’s accounting fraud for tax evasion. Herman gives clean chit to Chester’s character and the latter says that he merely followed his boss’s instructions.

Can Sherlock recover the lost money? He has several suspects, C. Franklin Witherington, the CFO who gets sacked, Leslie Ambrose, the former head of security, Chester, Sterling Sheckle, his wife Rosemary and his brother, Max.

This is a comical suspense that has you laughing for most of the part and keeps you guessing until the end. The climax is absolutely unique and mind blowing. I enjoyed it,

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