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Mother Nature has unleashed her fury.
Disaster in the form of flood has struck again.
Rain wreaked havoc, causing loss of lives and injury.
Mourning relatives are unable to express their anguish and pain.
I feel like I am living in the Stone Age.
The entire city is reeling underwater.
People are miserable due to the power outage.
Tension and fear have replaced their laughter.
I witnessed this deluge six years ago.
There was widespread destruction.
People had nowhere else to go.
Roads caved in due to poor construction.
I feel sorry for the less fortunate and the stray animals.
As they seek shelter from the incessant rain.
They incur the wrath of some wealthy people.
They are the objects of disdain.
I pray to Mother Nature as I beg for Her forgiveness.
I ask Her to heal our wounds.
I request Her to restore normalcy and orderliness.
And remove our fear on baseless grounds.

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