A book review.

This book has kept me completely engrossed until the end. Wow! I find this series fascinating. I adore the funny interaction between Granny and Bobbi Brooks.

Bobbi Brooks is having a conversation with her employees, Kate, and Ryan in her cafe. They are discussing various musical bands. Her town, The Devil’s Orchard, is hosting a musical performance by Steel Machine, a popular band from the eighties. The band’s lead singer, Rexx Cobra, visits her cafe with a request for teaching cooking. He also invites her to watch the live musical show, after which she is supposed to accompany him to his room at The Big House for the lesson.

The Steel Machine Band is also sponsoring the Radical Reptiles Expo featuring snakes and other reptiles. Bobbi watches her favorite musical band perform and accompanies Rexx to the Expo. She is surprised to find her Grandma with her familiar, Agnes, a crow in the Expo.She introduces her grandma to Rexx. Her Granny tells her that a demon serpent is on the loose, and Bobbi needs to find and slay it. Bobbi watches Rexx’s guitarist Dirk Dagger arguing with a young man in his twenties.
When Bobbi and Rexx go to his room at the Big House, the latter is dismayed to find his pet snake, Fluffy, missing. The cage is open. He wants to ask Dirk whether he had taken out Fluffy. He knocks at his door, but there is no response. He opens the room with his key card. Dirk is dead. Bobbi gets into the investigation mode and calls Grant to report the discovery of the dead body.

She uses her magic to locate the missing snake in the library of the Big House. She visits the Expo again to find Terry Petros, who worked with Steel Machine before Dirk fired him. She questions him about his alibi. She suspects him of lying after finding the exact match to the bottle cap and a cigarette butt that she discovered in the library.
Ms. Mason, the school teacher, visits her cafe with her daughter and the same young man she had seen arguing with Dirk. He is Ms. Mason’s grandson, Jacob. Bobbi visits Rexx, and they search Dirk’s room for clues. She finds a piece of paper with RV930a written on it. What does it mean? She has another important task. She has to find out the demon serpent and kill it. She happens to meet Maddie Solei, a famous YouTuber, at Natalie’s shop. Maddie is also Dirk’s ex-wife. Bobbi also learns that Maddie was with Dirk before his death.

There are plenty of suspects. Will Bobbi find out the murderer and finish her dangerous task? There are startling revelations and a pleasant surprise. I highly recommend this book for all the paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

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