A book review.

A book review

I am crazy about this series. Laughter combined with plenty of thrill makes it an amazing read. I find it very adorable. The author has an excellent sense of humor with a flair creating and maintaining suspense until the end. I got addicted to it.

Richard Sherlock is coaching the basketball team of his daughter, Care, at her school while Kelly is fiddling with her mobile. Tiffany enters into the play area seeking help from Sherlock to find out who drugged her at the Zanadu nightclub. Tiffany getting drugged is just the tip of the iceberg in the nightclub where drug peddling and money laundering is taking place at an alarming rate but Sherlock is unable to find out the concrete evidence. He is hired by one of the owners of the club, D’wayne Dewitt, to find out who is trying to kill him.

Tiffany tells him about Bruno, the bartender, who was at the bar when her drink was spiked. Sherlock finds out his address and discovers his bashed up rotting corpse. When he calls the cops, a lady detective Neula No-no Noolan arrives at the crime scene.

One incident leads to another, Sherlock gets kidnapped by two thugs and there is a shootout at the drug exchange location. His detective friend ‘Wait’ Jack Wayte informs about the discovery of six more gruesome bodies.

Are these incidents inter related? Richard is kidnapped along with his daughters by the same kidnappers and presented before their boss, Jimmie, aka Rogers, The CEO and the owner of Zanadu nightclub to investigate irregular cash transactions. Will Sherlock succeed in solving the case? During the course of his investigation, Dewitt’s office is exploded with no major injury to him. Gibby Fearn, the manager, gets arrested in this case.

Do grab this book and read Sherlock’s exploits to capture the culprit. Tiffany’s nemesis, Alix Fromound also provides a vital clue in Tiffany’s drugging case. I highly recommend this book to all the mystery lovers who also love to laugh. Great book.

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