Photo by Udayaditya Barua on Pexels.com

Happy Diwali to everyone!
Enjoy sweets and have great fun.
This festival of lights brings families and friends together.
May its golden glow of happiness sparkle forever.
Crackers and fireworks are the sights of beauty.
But controlling pollution is also our duty.
While bursting crackers, never let your children out of your sight.
Accidents involving crackers can give us a fright.
Exercise self-control while indulging in savories and sweets.
Or you will be posting stomach upset tweets.
Let’s brighten the lives of the poor and unfortunate.
We should join them and celebrate.
Every life is very precious.
So, we should always be cautious.
We should maintain social distancing and wear a mask.
Because eradicating COVID-19 is not an easy task.
We must ensure our vaccination.
And protect the interest of our nation.
May Diwali enlighten us with wisdom.
Learn to respect and enjoy our freedom.
Happy Diwali to everyone again!
Let’s forget for a while our bickerings and pain.
Snacks and sweets complement each other.
Let’s not forget that we are the children of one great mother, India.
Jai Hind! Happy Diwali.

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