A book review.

Wow. Author Kelly Utt has penned another masterpiece. Her book ‘The Merry’ kept me glued to my seat until the end. I was unable to get my eyes off this book even for a moment. I loved it. It’s an amazing romantic thriller.

Madeline Williams is about to retire for the day after making preparations for Christmas. Her pet dog, Budro, barks furiously, warning her about the arrival of an untimely visitor. She thinks that it might be her brother, Dante, but it is someone whom she wants to forget. She lets him inside against her better judgement. Her husband, Tom, is annoyed to find the visitor. Later, he attacks him for scaring his daughter, Keira. The police intervenes but the injured visitor doesn’t want to press charges.
Who is this mysterious man? What does he want from her?

Her emotions are in complete disarray. She has a dark secret that may ruin her married life. Will she be able to overcome her emotional turmoil? Her past has come to haunt her yet again. How would she tackle him? I highly recommend it for reading and this book deserves more than five-stars. Well done, Kelly! I am very impressed with this book.

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