A book review.

I congratulate Mr. Jim Stevens for this wonderful series. Richard Sherlock whodunit is an amazing combination of plenty of humor with equal number of twists and surprises. Sherlock’s antics are funny and involve crazy but effective methods of detection. He successfully manages to catch the culprit. His assistant, Tiffany, and his daughters, Kelly and Care, are adorable characters, adding fun to the story.

Richard Sherlock is spying on a client of his Employer, Richmond Insurance, for fraudulent claim when Tiffany, his assistant, ruins his surveillance by asking him to come with her. She briefs him about a kidnapping case involving
her half-uncle Kennard Horsley’s girlfriend, Schnook. The kidnapper has demanded a million dollar ransom. Her grandma, Moomah’s wealth is at stake. Sherlock is suspicious about the kidnap drama after listening to Kennard’s version of what happened. He gets his detective friend Oland involved. He meets Tiffany’s family who have heard about the kidnapping. They are constantly bickering with each other and are against Kenny paying the ransom. In spite of their objections, Kenny pays the ransom money. He acts weird by removing the wires planted on him by the police.

More confusion follows as Tiffany who visits her Moomah’s bank with her discovers that an expensive necklace is missing. Items of great value are missing and reappearing at random places. Richard and Oland are baffled. Moomah never went to her bank alone. She is always accompanied by her children, Kennard, granddaughters Boo and Tiffany, sons Elmhurst and Safari and daughter Venus.

All the members have perfect opportunity and motive to swindle poor Moomah. Who is the pilfering thief and the kidnapper? Will Richard succeed in recovering the ransom money and the necklace and find out the actual criminal? There are plenty of twists to keep you guessing.
Highly recommended for reading.

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