Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels.com

It’s time to celebrate Halloween,
And play with cute little witches and monsters green.
Let’s carve Jack-o-lantern from the pumpkins.
Enjoy this special occasion with our kith and kins.
Children visit us for trick or treat.
Their Halloween costumes are so sweet.
Let’s scare each other with spooky stories.
Regale each other with haunted house glories.
Have you ever seen a wandering soul?
Or come across poltergeists, ghosts, or ghouls?
Haunted houses attract everybody’s attention.
We get goosebumps and a spine-tingling sensation.
Vampires are the scariest creatures.
Their sharp fangs add to their formidable features.
Shapeshifters scare us by changing their forms.
They don’t stick to particular norms.
Let’s come together to celebrate Halloween.
And concoct scary stories of the unseen.

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