A book review

Wow. I think it’s a wonderful book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Gave me plenty of goosebumps as I read about the infant spirits haunting the hospital and the demon that took over Dr. Pendergrass, Nurse Delaney and the Irish man, ‘O’ Hara. Clarisse and Harry take another difficult spirit hunting case.
The story begins with a brief history on The Willow’s Court Asylum for the insane at New Norfolk, Tasmania in 1878. Abbey, an inmate, at the Lady’s cottage wing of the asylum, is pregnant and about to deliver a baby but Nurse Delaney has kept her chained to her bed until the timely intervention by Dr. Jordan, the chief physician of the asylum and Dr. Monserrat , the obstetrician who ask her to be shifted to a maternity ward. Dr. Monserrat and Dr.Jordan are discussing the current situation prevailing in the asylum and the horror unleashed by Dr. Pendergrass in the abortion room. Dr. Monserrat tells him that Abbey’s unborn child is in a precarious conditions and both their lives are in danger. Dr. Jordan shows him the abortion room and they have a near death experience. Jordan gets his hands burned while a poltergeist is throwing utensils and tools at him. Jordan watches the spirit of the woman who died in a messy abortion with the dead fetus. He suspects a foul play going on with the administration of The asylum. Who could be the culprit? Why are the mothers and their babies getting killed?
Dr. Monserrat wants to put an end to this tyranny but ends up having a deal with a demon to save Abbey and her child.
The story takes a leap forward to the present year where the town Council member, Gary Charlton, invites paranormal investigators, Clarisse and Harry, to provide evidence for the existence of evil entities. They are joined by another investigator, Paranormal Jack Jr. Clarisse experiences the presence of spirits, especially, those of children calling out for her. While they are setting up their ghostbusting equipment, Jack Jr. sees the spirits of four children and experiences the presence of something sinister while trying to explore the basement. Father ‘O’Connor is there to guide and protect the three paranormal investigators. Clarisse falls down and is hospitalized. She is six months pregnant. Will she be able to save her child? What is the horror lurking down at Willow’s court asylum? Will the spirits get a chance to mover over to the afterlife?
I highly recommend it for reading for those who love reading horror books. Plenty of startling revelations to keep the readers thoroughly engrossed and craving for more. Congratulations to Ms. Tremayne for a wonderful treat.
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily

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