A book review

It’s one of the best historical thrillers set in Victorian Era of 1850 in London. Wow. It was so interesting that I was unable to take my eyes off reading. Chill, thrill, and plenty of surprises make this book a complete entertainer. Brilliant. I never read historical crime thrillers except for Sherlock Holmes and Hercules Poirot. I must say that this book has completely got me in its grasp.

The story begins with Inspector Sebastian Pinsley arriving at Bethlem Royal Hospital for the insane, also known as Bedlam in St. George’s Field. He has been called upon to investigate the murder of Ms. Tabitha Greene. The warden is quick enough to pin the blame on Elsie, her roommate because of blood splatters on her dress. Pinsley is not convinced because of the absence of the murder weapon, a knife. There are some marks like a beast’s claw while Elsie is pleading innocence and says that a shadow killed Tabitha.

Meanwhile, a 17-year-old Kaia manages to escape from the cruel orphanage run by Mrs. Garrow and runs into trouble after getting arrested on a false theft charge. Inspector Pinsley saves her from getting produced before a magistrate on a baseless allegation. He sees a birthmark on her hand which is similar to Tabitha Greene. He takes her along to the mortuary to see if she is anyway related to Tabitha and compare the birthmark.

Kaia gets involved in his investigation after he takes her to visit Bedlam. She offers him suggestions about the possibility of Tabitha’s murder being premeditated. She wants to help Pinsley. She notices a doctor exiting Bedlam while they are going on. She is getting bad vibes about him and cannot shake the feeling that he might have had a hand in the murder. The doctor seems to recognize her powers.

Pinsley makes her stay with the Vicar Lucas and his sister Lotte. Kaia has weird dreams about shadows and she could feel that something wrong is going on. She decides to investigate and finds that The Vicar is being attacked by a masked man. She lets out a powerful scream that makes the man stop his attack and flee. The vicar is surprised to discover her hidden power.

She doesn’t realize what kind of powers she has. The investigations are at dead end because no visitor had signed in the register for Ms.Greene and no one could enter or exit without being seen. Kaia insists on investigating the doctor who had committed Tabitha to the asylum. He happens to be the one they had met on their way to Bedlam. Who is

Who had murdered Tabitha and framed poor Elsie? The inspector and Kaia are in great trouble. The murderer is very clever. He will do anything to get them out of the way and get the case closed by sending an innocent woman to the gallows. Will they unearth the evidence and save themselves? Most importantly, Who is Kaia?

Read this super awesome historical fantasy thriller. Definitely deserves more than five stars.

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