I laughed so much that I had tears in my eyes. Wow! What a wonderful book! Marvelous, splendid. It’s a complete entertainer and a brilliant combination of humor with suspense.

Richard Sherlock is an investigator for Richmond Insurance company whose CEO is Jamison Wentworth Richmond. His daughter, Tiffany, helps Richard in his investigations. He has two daughters, Kelly and Carolyn who stay with him on Tuesdays and weekends. He is a divorcee and his ex-wife keeps on nagging him for more money.

This story begins with Sherlock practising rifle shooting with his friends at a firing range. Tiffany makes him misfire with her yelling and drags him along to visit a crime scene. Alvin. J. Augustus’ dead body has been discovered at a rock garden near his house. Detectives Norbert and Steve are already present. Richard comes to a conclusion that Alvin was murdered somewhere else and his body has been dumped here.

Alvin J. Augustus was a wealthy man dealing in Board of Trade( Stock market). He had three wives, divorced two of them, and about to be divorced from the third. Sherlock and Tiffany launch into the investigation by interviewing the suspects( mostly family members) Clayton ( son from the second wife, Joan) Brewster ( Son from the current wife, Doris) Christina ( daughter from the first wife, Didi), his accountants Heiffelfinger and Millie, his mistresses Diane and Alexis.

Brewster gets busted for Drugs and Sherlock helps him to get out on bail. There are startling revelations at the will reading at Conway Waddy’s office. He is the attorney representing Alvin. Everyone including Sherlock is shocked to learn about Alvin’s losing his wealth.
There are no clues about how he lost his investments. Meanwhile, his associate, Joey, also gets killed.

Are these murders linked? How will Richard find the murderer? Will he be able to uncover the hidden wealth? With plenty of suspects with a perfect motive, read this rib tickling comedy thriller and enjoy the adventure of Sherlock with his funny and beautiful assistant , Tiffany.

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