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I remember the moments of irritation,
Leading to a humorous situation.
A prank call offered me prize money of one million dollars.
I threatened to drag him to court by his shirt collars.
A bank offered me a pre-approved credit card.
I told the caller that I had dumped my previous one into a garbage bin in my backyard.
I was busy watching a cricket match.
It irked me to watch a great fielder dropping an easy catch.
My nosy neighbor turned up to chat with me.
I was desperately looking forward to an opportunity to flee.
She chatted nonstop for four hours with no respite.
I went on to offer her a glass of Sprite.( aerated cold drink)
Suddenly she remembered to have missed her TV show.
I jumped with joy after watching her go.
I wanted to post an update on Facebook, but the internet snapped.
I felt like a deer about to be trapped.
My mother had handed out a list for shopping.
I wanted to complete my task without stopping.
My friend saw me trying to evade her.
She yelled at me, ” How dare you avoid me? We are best friends forever.”
All these happened on a single fateful day.
I have realized my folly and started to pray.
I wish all to lead a peaceful and healthy life.
May God save everyone from a dominating husband and a nagging wife.

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