A book review

Wow. I love this series. It’s absolutely funny, a rib tickling comedy with a deadly combination of thrill, magic and plenty of twists and suspense. I adore the cute arguments between Lydia Brooks and Roberta aka Bobbie Brooks and also her fox, Kitsune, her fox familiar.
Book 1

All work and no slay.

Roberta Brooks, also called Bobbie, runs her cafe, ‘ The Devil’s Lunchbox’ in Devil’s Orchard, a small town in Northern California. She lives with her grandmother Lydia who recently reveals that she is her grandma and not mother. She also learns that she is a witch and a demon slayer.
Her employees include college students, Ryan and Kate. Her landlord, Christopher Boyd, sets a health inspector on her cafe so that she would fail inspection and he could evict her.
Boyd gets killed and is found dumped at Bobbie’s freezer. Detective Grant Daniels, her childhood friend, arrives at the crime scene to question her. He introduces her to his fiancee, Miranda.
Christopher Boyd had a bone of contention with everyone. He wanted to evict his own brother, Colin,and backed out of a deal with Nurse Stromberg. He had shady land dealing with Miranda and her brother Luke. There are too many suspects with a great motive. Who is the murderer? Bobbie, Stromberg, Van Spencer, proprietor of The Big House, the town’s bed and breakfast, her own grandma because Christopher wanted her to sell her land, Miranda and her brother, Luke. This book keeps us guessing. Very hilarious and thrilling. Especially when her familiar, a fox, introduces herself to Bobbie. She is a magical fox, Kitsune with the ability to appear in physical as well as in the spirit form.

Book 2

Slaying With Fire

Bobbie is expecting to receive an expensive delivery of black cod for preparing special meals for a film crew in her town for shooting a movie on Bigfoot sightings. She allows Freddy, drunk transient to take care of the delivery. When he comes back, the goods are in a damaged condition. She shouts at him when her best friend, Natalie’s husband, Jim Reeds happens to visit her and has an altercation with Freddy. The latter’s dead body is discovered at a hiking trail by one of the tourists. Bobbie identifies the body to be of Freddy. She calls Grant who arrives with the Sheriff Emery. They want to rule it as an accidental death but Bobbie points out that the shoes are placed on wrong feet. This leads to a homicide investigation. Jim Reed, her friend Natalie’s husband is the prime suspect because his wrench has been recovered from the crime scene. Bobbie wants to prove his innocence. She has her own set of problems. Her Granny wants her to hunt down jorogumo, a giant deadly spider. Her employee Ryan is involved with a mysterious girl and is displaying awkward behavior.
She also suspects Ryan’s father, Kevin Hayes, for being involved in Freddy’s murder because he has no solid alibi and constantly lying about his whereabouts on the day of murder. One evening, she notices Farmer Flores burning his clothes. Did he kill him and try to destroy the evidence.
Will she succeed in her attempt to prove Jim’s innocence? Who is the real murderer, Kevin, Jim, or Flores? What happened to Ryan? Find out by grabbing this book.

Book 3

Two can slay at this game.

Bobbie’s new employee Lily Robbins is a prime suspect when Wanda Crawford, her landlady with whom she is sharing a guest house dies after drinking a limeade from Lily’s booth at the Devil’s Orchard park on an Easter morning where children are busy hunting eggs.
Bobbie is adamant to prove Lily innocent and starts investigating. She learns that Wanda had bequeathed most of her assets to Lily and didn’t provide anything for her daughter, Mary.
She comes to know about Wanda and Stan Crawford’s fraudulent schemes whose victims were Carl Knap to whom they had sold their auto repair shop and Cory Porter, a victim of insurance fraud. Both had strong motives. But who is the real culprit? Bobbie also has to find out a potential evil entity out to destroy humanity from the other world. She is leading a dangerous life. Granny tells her a little bit about her mother. Who is her father? Why isn’t she affected by fire? There are plenty of surprises in this book with a shocking revelation in the climax. It’s a must read for paranormal cozy mystery lovers. Deserves more than five-stars.

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