I love animals. They are very cute, gorgeous, loyal, lovable, adorable. I could go on and on to sing their praises. But I want to share some cute pictures. I captured the first three pictures and the two before the tiger.

Cock-adoodle-do – A cute judge for the early riser contest.
A goat relishing it’s food.
I enjoyed watching an adorable goat climb a motorbike to enjoy it’s lunch.
This picture is courtesy in my mobile screensaver. Isn’t it cute?
Cuteness overloaded : I loved this pic from Facebook. A cat watching Tom and Jerry is soooo sweet.
A stray pup that became my pet but now is no longer alive.
Pretty scary. A snake captured from my home.
A majestic beauty. Courtesy Glance. Com

Animals are fascinating and sometimes dangerous.

But more trustworthy than the humans who are treacherous.

Have a great day! I will be back with another post.


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