A book review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Witches of Brimstone Bay Cozy Mysteries. All the stories are too good, funny, thrilling and absolutely magical. The author has produced a wonderful masterpiece. The series is set in England.

Book 1

Witch in Charm’s way.

Esme Westbrim is on her way to her hometown Brimstone Bay from London. She has a deadly secret and wants to escape from the miseries caused by her cheating husband, Drew, who is having an affair with her best friend, Sarah. She observes a werewolf in her lonely carriage and is scared. She moves on to the next one, only to find the handsome cop, Chris Constantine, a former Hollywood actor. She gets down at her intended destination with a mission in her heart. She never wanted to come back to her witching family but owing to unavoidable circumstances, she has returned to visit the castle that she inherited from her great aunt Adele. Even though she is dead, Adele has turned into a poltergeist and makes delicious desserts like cakes and pastries in her cafe, Dele’s Delights.

She meets the dhampire Oberon Maltei Junior, the son of Oberon Maltei Senior, Lorcan Hardwick, a wizard from a rival wizarding family, baena twins Petra and Paulo Ambers and another witch, Lily Silverswift. Her ex-boyfriend, James, turns up at the cafe and has heated exchange with her. Esme tries to intercede by letting out a blast from her wand breaking the cafe door. James runs away. Lily turns her ire towards Esme who is puzzled over her shocking outburst.

She has the shock of her life after discovering Lily’s dead body in her garden. She calls the cop. Unfortunately, the arrogant handsome cop, Chris Constantine responds to her call. He eyes her suspiciously. She is the prime suspect because of her confrontation with Lily.

A cat that frequents the castle leads her to visit James, the werewolf, who claims to be innocent and tells her about Lily’s involvement with Oberon Junior and that she was also seeing someone else. Esme has another problem. She can’t go out in the sun without adequately covering herself. She visits the library to find out a book of remedies for her malady. Giselle Hardwick, Lorcan’s sister, and a former bully, makes fun of her. Lorcan comes to her rescue and they leave her alone with the book. Her former school mate, Jasper Echo has a friendly chat with her. When she comes home, she is alarmed to find the door open. Her three cousins surprise her with their visit.

Esme is yet to visit her family. She is deeply involved in solving the murder to clear her name. Her cousin Allegra and her school mate Jasper join her in her investigation. There are awesome startling revelations and plenty of twists as the pendulum of suspicion still oscillates around, Esme, James, and Oberon. There is another dead body discovered at Oberon Senior’s nightclub, Club Nocturne. Is there any connection between the two deaths? What’s Esme’s secret? Why is she hiding away from every one? How will she prove her innocence? Grab this brilliant paranormal cozy mystery.

Book 2

Wands Upon A Time In Brimstone Bay

Esme Westbrim is enjoying her time with her friend, Beachbum at night. After sometime, when she turns to leave, she is surprised to find Pearl, her Uncle Radaghast’s fiancee. They chat for a while and then part ways. Captain Villain, the cat, leads her to another dead body. She is so alarmed that she calls her cousin, Allegra, to help her shift the body. They finish their job. Esme tells her about Pearl’s wandering alone at the beach late at night. When Allegra questions Pearl, she outrightly denies meeting Esme and says that she was asleep at her cottage.

Esme wants to find out the identity of the deceased. She plans to visit Magicwild Academy reunion with Allegra and Jasper using her great aunt Adele’s cake as a ruse to get in. Her plan works out and they meet Ruby Roper, a former Hollywood actress, Bobby Oliver-Watts, a renowned fireball player in the magical community and Giselle Hardwick, her chief nemesis. They tell her about the deceased man, Joey Alami and claim that he was a pervert, responsible for the death of one of the most beautiful students of the academy, Chloe Moon. He had laced her drink with love potion, used her body, and took objectionable photos leading to her humiliation and death. There is a minor altercation between the bullies, Bobby, Ruby, Giselle and a newcomer, Tom Chaplin, supposed to be a close friend of the deceased. He gets arrested but avoids naming Esme for instigating the violence, much to the disappointment of Police Chief Hawke Hardwick, waiting for an opportunity to arrest her.

The suspicion falls now on Pearl, Esme’s uncle Radaghast’s fiancee. She admits that she was once in love with Joey but no longer associated with him. Esme urges her to revisit her alma mater but she refuses. She and Chris participate in The Magicwild academy reunion ball where she is humiliated yet again by Giselle but digs up dirt on her and threatens to expose her.

Giselle seeks her revenge by getting Esme arrested on fake attack charges. Her cousin Allegra and her best friend Jasper help her in getting bailed out. Esme’s reputation is at stake and so is her family name. Will she succeed in proving her detractors wrong? Who is the actual murderer? Why was Joey killed and why is her family being targeted?

A highly enjoyable read.

Book 3

Witch way to the wicked.

The story begins with a glimpse into the past. Eighteen years ago, a young Hollywood actress, Sarine Duvall, was looking forward to her marriage with the fellow actor, Chris Constantine. She received a phone call from her ex-boyfriend but declined to meet him and ended up getting murdered.

The story moves forward to the present day. Esme’s uncle Radaghast is getting engaged to his fiancee, Pearl. Esme notices Chris Constantine dancing with a gorgeous young woman. She is upset but even more for the young girls who are suddenly and randomly getting abducted. She feels sorry for her missing regulars at the cafe, the twins, Darlene and Darla.

She is surrounded by her friends, Jasper and Oberon who introduces her to Sigourney, his sister and a Sanguith. She is no mood to enjoy and after briefly chatting with everyone, reverts back to her detective mode.

Her thoughts are interrupted by her cousin, Flaffy, mentioning the discovery of a body as told by Viv and Coco. When she questions Viv, the latter tells her that the ghost of a little girl, Greedy, had told them about the dead body found near Old Tavern by the old part of The Strip. She urges Allegra to etherhop with her to the crime scene.

They discover the body of a man with a pentacle drawn on his body and a silver stake across his heart. Esme realizes that the dead man was a werewolf. Chris Constantine arrives at the crime scene and identifies it as the body of Ross Goreman. Esme is astounded by his reaction after he voices out his disgust for the man openly.

Next day, Greedy the ghost, gives her the newspaper and Esme learns that Ross Goreman had been accused of murdering Sarine Duvall, Chris’s fiancee but let off due to lack of evidence. She is shocked to learn that Emil Duvall, Sarine’s father, had been taken in for questioning.

In spite of all the bad news, she comes to know about the rescue of Darlene Everdeen and tries to contact her but ends up getting blasted by her mother, Noreen Everdeen, for hiding the fact that Ross regularly visited her cafe and interacted with her twins, Darlene and Darla. She has been misguided by her arch rival Giselle who has made it a point to wreck her life.

When she tries to visit the auction held by Giselle to raise funds for the missing girls, Noreen launches vicious attack on her character. Chris engages in a brawl with Vasily Romanov and Anand Kumar, a suspect who was seen fighting with Ross at his restaurant before his death. Police Chief Hawke arrives to take Esme for questioning but has to let her go after Greedy provides her with an alibi.

She is not yet in the clear when Chris gets arrested for Ross’s murder. She is still a suspect as an accomplice in the murder. She decides not to give up but investigate the matter, unearthing several dark secrets in the process. Both their lives are in great danger from a common enemy who wanted Constantine to be behind bars and wished Esme dead.

I highly recommend it for reading if you are looking for paranormal cozy mysteries involving murder, thrill, fun, magic, a bit of harmless flirting and romance with suspense until the climax.

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