A book review

I love Sadie’s enthusiasm to help others and solve the murder mysteries in which she unknowingly gets entangled. Her yorkie, Cocoa, is such a sweet adorable darling. I adore this entire series as it is light-hearted without the usual gory details of a murder. This story has humor, a tinge of romance and a nice twist to keep the readers guessing and thoroughly engrossed.

Sadie Kramer, the proud owner of Flair, a fashion boutique in San Francisco, finds herself involved in another murder as she tries to deliver the chocolates from Matteo’s chocolate shop and clothes from her boutique to Sue Bennett, the murder victim. Her nosy neighbor, Mags, and Linda are discussing the case when Sadie asks Mags about the presence of police. Mags tells her that Sue has been murdered. Sadie is stunned and returns to her boutique with the undelivered packages.

She receives a call from SFPD detective, Frogert, asking her about her presence in the crime scene. Mags had given her car license plate number to the detective. She is worried about being suspected for a crime which she never committed. Determined to clear her name, she asks Matteo, her chocolatier neighbor, for the details of the three clients who sent chocolates for Sue. She visits the office of Luke Manning, a real estate developer, like her deceased husband, Morris. However, she is unable to get an appointment. She is shocked to find Detective Frogert in the building. After exchanging a few words, she leaves. Later that evening, she calls her Detective Friend in New Orleans, Detective Broussard and briefs him on her predicament. He advises her to stay out of trouble and reassures her to straighten this issue with Detective Frogert. Unable to contain her curiosity, she visits another client Zane Grey at Zany Z, a shady bar. Once again Frogert finds her. This doesn’t deter her from going in search of Bruno, the third client, from Fisherman’s Wharf. When she makes inquiries about Bruno, a woman glares at her furiously.

She wants to stop getting involved but notices a woman from Luke Manning’s office coming to her shop. Lila, the bartender from Zany’s also enters her shop but accidentally drops some papers which is pointed out by another customer. She goes through some receipts for clues.She discovers one paper mentioning food bank. She receives a warning note to back off. But Sadie isn’t scared. She goes to Fisherman’s Wharf and is surprised to find three women, Lila, the woman from Manning’s office and the woman who glared at her, having an argument, none of which she is able to hear.

She has another surprise waiting for her. Detective Frogert asks her help to question Luke Manning’s involvement. She follows his instructions and after talking to Luke, clears him of any wrong doing. Sadie takes a box of chocolate truffles by Matteo for Valentine’s Day celebration at Food Bank where Luke and his fiancee, Gerp, the lady who visited her boutique Flair, are volunteers. Lila and Gina are also present as volunteers.

Sadie has six suspects, three men and three women. Who among them is the actual murderer? Why was Sue killed? What’s the connection of Sue with all these people? Will Sadie help Detective Frogert catch the murderer or end up in a morgue? Highly enjoyable read.

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