A poem By ME

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on

Silence speaks more than spoken words.
It expresses through the eyes the feelings of lovebirds.
Silence represents a variety of human emotions.
It quashes away any room for ill-conceived notions.
Silence is the best way to control your fury.
And save yourself from any physical or emotional injury.
Silence avoids confrontation.
It paves the way for creative thoughts assimilation.
Silence is something that I often crave.
I shall observe silence until my grave.
The thing that I admire most is silence.
It offers tranquility and joy in a world marred by violence.
Silence doesn’t mean to suppress your thoughts and feelings.
It offers you sanity and rationality in all your dealings.
The beauty of silence gives me immense pleasure.
It will always be my most cherished treasure.

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