Hi, All!

Welcome back to yet another part of my mom’s traveling adventure. She definitely needed a respite from the monotony of household chores and spend some time relaxing with her son.

In fact, we all deserve a vacation. Whenever she sends me her pics of the places she visited, I feel like I am holidaying with her. Let’s start with our journey for the day.

A still from Darsait Garden.
Krishna Temple, Ruwi

Primarily, there are two temples in Muscat, Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna.

After visiting the temple of our beloved deity, mom spent her time enjoying the beauty of Riyan Garden, near Mutrah Corniche.

Stills from Riyan Garden.
Some thrilling rides.
Let’s have fun.
Wow! So many attractions for children.

A still from the gorgeous Mutrah Corniche
Night life.

It’s time to go home and take rest.

Until her next trip to another location, we will meet again.

See you all. Take care and enjoy.

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Thanks a lot and love you all for your support and encouragement.

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