A book review

Amazing. This is a brilliant and quite exciting cozy mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every single page.
Olivia Glass works for an advertising agency, JCreative, headed by James Clark in Chicago. The story begins with Olivia heading towards an expensive restaurant, Villa 49, for a date with her boyfriend, Matt. She is shocked to hear that he wants to break up with her, blaming her for ruining their relationship. She gives him a sound verbal lashing, earning her applause from the women in the nearby table. She is also not happy with her job in spite of clinching a huge business deal for her ad agency. The reason being the client’s product, wine, is substandard. The next day, she quits her job and immediately leaves for Italy for a two-week vacation and spend time with her closest friend, Charlotte in Collina. Charlotte tells Olivia about calling off her wedding with Patrick because he was taking undue advantage of her by making her pay all the bills and not going for a job. Olivia wants to open her own winery. She tries to make her own wine on an experimental basis with Charlotte.
Charlotte shows her around town and they visit
La Leggenda, a wine farm cum hotel. They meet Luigi Lapo, the sommelier for wine tasting when Olivia notices an advertisement for job vacancy. She immediately wants to apply but Luigi turns her down after asking her a couple of questions. His decision is overturned by the handsome winery owner Marcello Vescovi.
Luigi makes her life miserable by constantly taunting and bullying her in spite of her efficient handling of the guests. Olivia has a hard time after trying to help Paolo, the waiter, with a wine bottle ordered by an arrogant customer who calls her names after being served with a wrong wine. The restaurant manager, Gabriella, humiliates her along with Luigi. Unable to tolerate her insult, Olivia lashes out at Luigi in fury and walks out. A goat, Erba follows her. Olivia wants to apologize for her outburst to Marcello and ask him to have her job back. She returns Erba to her owner and meets Marcello. Their meeting is interrupted by his sister, Nadia’s screaming, who has discovered Luigi’s dead body with a bottle of Miracolo 2012 wine broken over his head. Detective Caputi suspects her because of her open confrontation with the deceased.
How will Olivia prove her innocence when everyone except for Marcello eyes her with suspicion?
Who is the actual culprit? Will Olivia succeed in her attempt to clear her name and win over everyone? There are nice twists waiting to be revealed during the course of reading. Definitely a must-read for cozy mystery lovers.

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