A book review

I adore this series. I love Sadie Kramer and her traveling companion, Cocoa, a cute little dog. Sadie Kramer owns a boutique, Flair, in San Francisco with Amber as her assistant. Her neighbor, Matteo, who owns a chocolate shop,Cioccolata, near her boutique, supplies her with delicious chocolate treats.

She is on her way to a vacation in New Orleans and meets Clotile Laurent, a co-passenger of the same age. They have a pleasant chitchat. Clotile asks Sadie about her lodging. She makes a weird face after learning that she had made her reservations at Hotel Arnaud-LeBlanc. When Sadie presses her for information, Clotile tells her the hotel has its own cafe cum bakery, Bluette’s Beignets, which is a competitor for Lissette Patisserie. Clotile is a regular at Lissette’s bakery. She reveals that Mimi Arnaud, the manager at Hotel Arnaud-LeBlanc patronizes Lissette’s patisserie because her family despised the LeBlancs.

They exchange numbers after arriving at New Orleans. Clotile invites her to have breakfast with her at Chez Lisette Patisserie, the following day. Meanwhile, Sadie decides to go for a stroll and enters a fortune teller’s shop to have her fortune read. The fortune teller, Gina, warns her that someone close to her might be in danger.

Unfortunately,her prediction comes true as Clotile and Sadie witness Mimi choking to death after having her raspberry-almond tarts. The clouds of suspicion fall on Lisette and her pastry chef Julienne, is taken for questioning. Desperate to save Lisette, Clotile and Sadie discuss the case.
Sadie has her fair share of trouble after someone tries to frame her Mimi’s murder by placing the Whipped cream laced with cyanide in her room. Detective Broussard is convinced of her innocence as she tries to taste the cream without knowing that it’s poisonous. Her precious Cocoa is dognapped but the police rescue her and return her to Sadie. She also finds Clotile’s behavior rather suspicious after finding her interact with two men in Bluette’s Beignets. Who are these men? Should she trust Clotile after receiving a text from her that their lives are in danger? Why was Mimi murdered and by whom? There are some amazing twists to keep us glued to the book. It’s a highly entertaining book and a must read.

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