A book review

I loved it. I do feel something magical about paranormal cozy mysteries. There is everything in this book in the right quantity, harmless flirting, humor, thrill, suspense and a twist in the end.

Holly Boldt lives with three other supernatural roommates, Gary, Lacey, and Adams at Beechwood Manor. Gary is a mysterious creature, Lacey is a vampire and Adams is a wolf shifter. She has been banished from her province Seattle Haven by SPA( Supernatural Protection Agency) for a mischief she committed. Her Landlady Posy is a ghost. She discovers a private investigator Nick Rivers prowling around the manor stealthily. She lets him off with a warning. Her peaceful life is shattered after she sees the dead body of her boss, Peg Holloway, in an alley behind Siren’s Song, a cafe, where she works as a barista with her best friend, Cassie.

Her friend, Cassie, is the prime suspect in the case because of her argument with Peg on the night before her death. It’s upto Holly to clear her friend’s name. Matters get worst after the police discover Cassie’s shoes smeared in peppermint syrup which was the cause of her death, from a garbage can in the crime scene. Someone had cracked her skull by bashing her head with a peppermint syrup bottle. They continue to follow Cassie instead of looking for other potential suspects. Ultimately, Nick the PI helps her in her quest to solve the case. Holly has some startling revelations on her deceased boss.

What are they? Who wanted Peg dead and framed her friend? Will Holly succeed in her mission without getting her life in danger? What kind of a creature is Gary? A great book worth reading.

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