A Book review

Wow. Simply awesome and very intriguing Victorian Era murder mystery. I have never tried reading Historical thriller. This book has got me hooked from the beginning till the end. All the characters are based at London with some reference to Irish people struggling under British rule.
The story begins with PC Preston hearing a scream and gunshots fired at Highgate Cemetery. He decides to investigate and finds an extremely faint light shining beyond the archway. He walks towards it.
Former Reporter with Morning Express, Ms. Penny Green steps out of the reading room at the British Museum, only to be accosted by Detective Inspector James Blakely. He requests her to help him solve the baffling murder case of the famous theatre actress, Lizzie Dixie. Ms. Green is stunned because she had already died five years ago while a steamer Princess Alice in 1878. How can a person die twice? She asks Blakely to get her reinstated in her previous job so that she could help him. He obliges her and she revisits the place with the detective where Lizzie’s body was discovered. Lizzie’s husband Joseph Taylor has already identified her body. Ms. Green watches the play ‘ Sinbad The Sailor’ and stops to offer her condolences to Taylor and his step daughter Annie. He doesn’t give out much information and is rather rude. Next day, Penny gets a message from her former editor Mr. Sherman asking her to meet him. He lashes out at her after receiving a complaint from Taylor but also gives her job back with a special permission to help Detective Blakely. She meets Sebastian Colehill who introduces her to his family. He hands over Lizzie’s diaries to her so that she could uncover some clues as to why Lizzie faked her death five years. A couple of spine chilling attacks follow Penny and Annie. Penny escapes unharmed from a bomb blast that destroys the train carriage in which she has been traveling. She loses the diaries. Annie gets shot at while she is performing on stage. Penny notices a weird man while attending Lizzie’s second funeral. She also receives two mysterious letters warning her to drop her investigation. Who is the mysterious guy at the funeral? Has he killed Lizzie? Who has sent the threatening letters to Penny and attacked Annie? Why did Lizzie disappear for five years and why has been she murdered? Grab this fascinating thriller to discover Lizzie’s dark secrets and her murderer.

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