A Book Review

I found Cree Blue Psychic Eye series very fascinating and quite thrilling. Cree Blue is a gifted psychic who has the ability to see and interact with ghosts, gets premonition and tells personal details of a person by merely touching him or her.

The story with Cree mailing some package anonymously and makes her best possible attempt to avoid getting recognized. She returns to her office at Lady Blue Plantation after receiving a call from her friend Chloe. Her deceased father had designed a computer program called Insight which would help to visualize her dreams and thoughts for others to see. Dr. Stone makes her wear a rubber cap-like helmet over her head and connects it to the computer. Cree visualizes all that happened before Sam went missing by touching his bloodied sweatshirt. Her staff members are watching the video keenly to find out any clue. The ten-year-old boy might be in danger. Cree takes the evidence package containing the sweatshirt and piece of paper containing the license plate of the car to the Billson Police Department. She learns from Sally that her Godfather Detective Faraday had been attacked. She meets Detective Mason Spencer and confides in him about her involvement in the missing child case and hands over the evidence package. With her help, the police rescue Sam still alive and unharmed.

Mason starts respecting Cree’s Psychic sleuthing abilities. They want to find out the culprit who attacked Officer Faraday and visit his house. Cree gets another premonition warning her to step out of the house with Mason. However, she chooses to go inside and visit the crime scene where Faraday had fell unconscious. She touches the chair usually occupied by Faraday and gets a glimpse of the attack. Three goons had attacked him and asked him about Moreno’s gun. But Faraday kept quiet. Cree gets another warning inside her head to get out of the house immediately.

Mason and Cree rush out of the house as it explodes behind them. A hidden sniper shoots at them but they escape with minor injuries. They come to the conclusion that Moreno’s henchmen had assaulted Faraday.

When Cree asks him about Moreno, he tells her that Dominique Moreno is a local criminal arrested for a murder and awaiting trial. She decides to meet him in the prison and bargains with him. He agrees to help her on the condition that she should help him prove his innocence in a murder case that he has been falsely accused. In return, he would reveal the name of the person who hurt Faraday. He insists that he never murdered the librarian Margarete Stead. The police discovered Moreno’s gun on the crime scene and some blood splatters but no corpse.

Cree is convinced of Moreno’s innocence. How will she prove it? Where is the missing librarian or her corpse? Why was she attacked? Who is framing Moreno and Why? It’s a thrilling story with plenty of twists. A wonderful read that keeps you thoroughly engrossed.

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