a POEM By Me

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Oh, no! I have seen yet another misleading ad.
It’s promoting some dumb product as the latest fad.
Buy this herbal capsule to lose your excess weight.
Its effectiveness is just a matter of fate.
Use our beauty soap to make your skin glow.
Our health drink makes your children grow.
Hurry up! Register with us online to find your soulmate.
Are those couples happily married? It’s a topic for debate.
Learn to cook with our choicest spice.
All these ads are a bunch of lies.
No one becomes fair using a fairness cream.
Picture Perfect life is merely a dream.
Social media provide more scholars, doctors, and teachers.
Wow! It’s the only place of assembly for the listeners and preachers.
Everything is available online these days except for your family.
Enjoy your special moments with them happily.
Learn how to write effectively and earn money.
Gosh! We enjoy extorting cash and relishing them as honey. (It’s my interpretation for some companies, not all.)
Why don’t you advertise silence? It would do everyone a favor.
We could stop people from poking their noses around and avoid our nosy neighbor.
We should accept the reality of life.
Truth always pierces through our hearts like a sharp knife.
No one can lose his or her weight overnight.
No one can glow as bright as sunlight.
Children grow naturally by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables.
Don’t give them junk food as eatables.
I love to watch an ad emphasizing stress on social awareness.
It helps people to leave behind their ignorance and carelessness.
Ads create confusion between the genuine and fakes.
Their convincing power influences people to make mistakes.

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