A poem by ME

Photo by Sonika Agarwal on Pexels.com

I seek refuge in Your Holy Feet, Maa Durga.
Protect me from my inner demons.
You are the Divine Mother of the Universe.
Forgive me if I strayed away from the path of righteousness.
You have always been Kind and Merciful to All.
Guide me towards a better life.
I thank You for being there with me always.
My only wish is not to fall from Your Grace.
You slew Mahishaasur and marked the victory of good over evil.
Please give all of us strength to overcome wrongful desire.
Burn all our negative thoughts, pessimism, and evil deeds in Your Holy Fire.
Teach us how to forget and forgive.
Since hatred leads to violence.
Let us do away with friction and badmouthing others.
Help us to observe Peace and Silence.
Victory be to Maa Durga! May Her blessings be with us all.

जय माता दी!

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