A book review

This is one of the funniest cozy mysteries that I have ever read. I love this series and I admire the author for her brilliant masterpiece. This series is a unique combination of thrill, suspense, unexpected twists and plenty of humor with romance.

Book 1

An affair to dismember.

Gladys Burger has joined her grandma Zelda in her matchmaking business though she is yet to get the hang of it. She learns about the death of her neighbor, Randy Terns. One fine evening she experiences a huge embarrassment after climbing a pole to save an endangered species of red Madagascar Owl. Her elastic pants slid down her waist to expose her underwear earning huge guffaws from a small crowd including a couple of policemen. The chief of police, Spencer Bolton rescues her.

She meets her deceased neighbor’s son, Rob, who introduces her to his weird family. His mother, Betty, his sisters Jane, Christy, and Cindy and Peter welcome her. Peter seeks her help to solve his father’s murder. The coroner had ruled it as an accidental death after Randy Terns dashed his head against the dining table and fell down dead. Peter handles her roughly until her new handsome neighbor Arthur Holden saves her from further harassment. She has no choice but to investigate the case as Jane ( Rob’s sister) also forces her to bring her father’s murderer to Justice. Her friend, Lucy asks her to visit Uncle Harry to discuss Randy’s murder. He gives her a hint that he might have died because of his past nefarious activities. During the course of her investigation with the help of Holden, Lucy and Bridget, she learns that Randy was a bank robber and had extramarital affairs with a lady called Lulu. Gladys visits Betty again. She finds a stack of blackmail letters on the dashboard of her car. According to the letters, Lulu was threatening to ruin him and his family. She has also been calling Betty every day to torment. Gladys finds time to visit Tea Time whose owner Ruth Fletcher despises coffee drinker. Gladys feels that he might have been killed by his former gang members after Randy failed to share his loot with them. But they are killed as well. Jane and Peter act weird to pressurise her to solve the case. Gladys has another problem. She has two handsome hunks vying for her love and protect her at any cost. Whom will she choose as her suitor? Was Randy murdered by Lulu? Who killed his gang members? Lulu claims to be innocent. How will Gladys solve this case? Will Gladys succeed as a matchmaker? Every book in this series is quirky, full of suspense and unexpected twists.

Book 2

Citizen Pain

The Pagans or the Culture people worshipping aliens are running crazy all over the town of Cannes in California. Gladys has found her first client in Belinda who works as a receptionist in Bliss Dental Clinic. She pays a visit to the clinic to discuss Belinda’s choice for a life partner. She meets Holly and Nathan Smith, employees at the clinic. The dentist Simon Dulur mistakes her to be a patient and discovers cavities in her mouth. Gladys is so scared that she runs for her life. Unfortunately, she experiences unbearable toothache and has to fix an appointment. She has been gassed out for the dental surgery that never takes place because the dentist is dead. When she regains her consciousness, she screams out after finding the corpse because it has no face. However, she knows that it is Dr. Dulur because of his clothes and body built. Police Chief Spencer finds it difficult to refrain her from investigating as he is hiding from his Facebook friends. Her crush, Holden warns her to stay away from the Pagans as they are dangerous. But Holly calls her with information on Dulur’s murderer and asks her to join her at the lake where the Pagan rituals are taking place. Gladys immediately agrees because she wants to prove Belinda’s innocence as she is the prime suspect and accused of embezzlement. Gladys meets Holly who identifies the killer but gets shot before she could reveal the name. Hold your breath! There are some shocking revelations that add thrill to the story. The murderer leaves behind the face of Dulur etched on a Scarecrow to give a message to Gladys. Will she succeed in her attempt to prove Belinda’s innocence and nab the real culprit? Will the pagans be driven out of Cannes? It seems Gladys’ handsome neighbor, Arthur Holden, has a secret of his own? What is he hiding and why is he leaving the town? Read these hilarious, exciting book that keeps you guessing till the end.

Book 3

The Wizard of Saws

Grandma Zelda is in a foul mood because she is losing her business to a new fake psychic Luanda who claims to have visitations from the spirits guiding her to match people. She urges Gladys to expose Luanda as a fraud. Holden’s house has been bought by a real estate developer, Michael Revell, whose body has been found in a forest after Luanda leads Gladys and friends to their adventure. It’s Gladys who discovers the corpse but Luanda takes the credit for her intuition.

A new detective Remington Cumberbatch has developed feelings for Gladys and she reciprocates his flirting, much to her on again off again boyfriend Spencer Bolton.

Is Luanda really a psychic as she claims to be? How does Michael, the real estate developer get killed? Why did he trap Gladys and her friends in a panic room? The suspense gets better and better. Can Gladys solve this case and expose Luanda? This series deserves a thunderous applause for being a perfect entertainer.

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