My mother, Mrs. K.S, had been looking forward for her trip to Muscat for quite a long time. The trip got delayed due to unavoidable circumstances. Finally, the day of her departure arrived. She had booked a flight on October 3rd, 2021. Unfortunately, obstacles preceded her in the form of a delayed flight, forcing her to return home. By God’s grace, Mr. Krishnamurthi, an employee of The International Airport at Chennai called her with an update on the flight status.

The flight took off by 1.40 PM ( IST). She reached Muscat around 5 PM. A gentleman named Shrinivasan helped her with her luggage and immigration process. My brother was there to receive her. He called me to assure that mom had arrived safely in spite of a stormy climate in Muscat.

I thanked Shri Sai Baba for helping her reach safely.

She went for a walk after having her dinner. These are some of the pictures that she clicked while strolling through the streets at Darsait, Muscat.

A view from the flight.
A street in Darsait
A Masjid near my brother’s house.

I will be back with more of her travel stories.

Happy Traveling.

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