It’s a brilliant psychological thriller.It kept me glued until the end. The plot is very strong and highly effective. A fast-paced action thriller that made me crave for more. Grace Rendell has a problem. She has been forced to visit Dr. Emma Leighmann, her psychiatrist-cum-therapist for forty years and take her medication. She suspects that her husband Eliot is trying to murder her for her inheritance from her billionaire father, Barrington. She stops taking her medicines and finds herself quite energetic and lucid. Eliot invites her to attend a party where she learns about her husband’s infidelity with Sheryl, his secretary. He forces her to continue her treatment with Dr. Leighmann. She is fed up of being constantly monitored by her husband who wants to prove her insane by keeping her drugged and feeding her with delusion. She visits her ailing father Barrington and breaks a dinner plate after an argument. He sends her away to an asylum, Quiet Pines from where Eliot fetches her and drags her to visit Dr, Leighmann. She decides to vent out her frustration in the form of a book based on her life. She attends North Jersey Burgeoning Writers meeting in a ranch at Westwood where she meets and befriends the famous crime writer Lynn Andrews. She requests her help to come out with the crime thriller based on her life. When she comes home, she finds a truck from Grasmere where she had been imprisoned in a sanatorium. She hides away seeking help from Tom Druthers, a toxicology expert whom she meets to discuss about poisons. Unfortunately, Lynn Andrews aka Andrea Hackford Lin who helps her with her book, is found dead at her residence. Grace stumbles upon her body and is shocked. Andrea’s younger brother Joe Hackford aka Hack rushes to the crime scene, just moments after speaking with Andrea and the latter disconnecting the call citing a visit from a possible intruder. He catches Gracy and threatens about getting the police involved. Gracy turns tables on him by pointing out sensitive issues that might implicate him in this murder. Later on, Hack meets her at Druthers’ house where she confides in him. Hack and his friends agree to help her and bring justice to Andrea. Will they succeed in proving her sanity and catching the real culprit? How will Grace prove her innocence and save herself from getting murdered? Is she really paranoid or is there any valid reason for her fears? Why did Andrea get killed and by whom? It’s a must read thriller with startling revelations and plenty of twists. Wow! One of the best books I have ever come across.

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